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Backpack R1572 Headband P1083 Pants B1067

Backpack made of waterproof nylon is an useful thing for everyone who is go in for sports or dancing, and for amateur. It can also be useful for schoolchildren - to wear clothes for sport lessons, or for second pair of shoes.

Backpack made of waterproof nylon is an incredibly practical thing. It is quite capacious. Backpack made of waterproof nylon is convenient and its handles  has rope  texture. Thus, the location of the backpack on the back can be easily fit - depending on the growth of its owner or the volume of the backpack. To specify in what colors the model is available, it is possible on the website of TM "Jersey", as well as consultants in branded brand stores.

Also on the photo you see a headband for practicing martial arts - it is made of cotton and elastane, on the front part of the headbabd is a  embroidery. Bright red trousers, also made of cotton and elastane, can be used both as casual clothes and as a cloth for training.

To buy backpack made of waterproof nylon, as well as other products presented on the photo, you can in the branded stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk, as well as in the shops of the trade representatives of the brand.

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