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Ballet half shoes PCH1728

Sports shoes "Half shoes" is a necessary element in the wardrobe of athletes and dancers. If shoes are shoes that completely cover the foot, then the task of the half shoes is to close only half of the foot, its toes. At the lower edges of the half-shoes there must be cross-rubber bands, thanks to which the model keeps on the foot. Attached gum in the heel.

Half shoes are shoes of gymnasts and dancers, they are necessary for trainings, concerts and demonstration performances. Therefore, one pair will be difficult to manage - a young athlete or dancer should have at least two or three pairs of half-shoes.

This model is made of genuine leather, which will ensure its durability and resistance to wear.

Baby half shoes made of genuine leather can be purchased at TM "Jersey". At the moment there are half-shoes made of beige genuine leather. On the availability of sizes, as well as other available colors of this model, specify additional half-lengths. This can be done online at the brand's website, as well as at the Jersey TM brand stores in Berdyansk.


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