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Ballet shoes (leather) CH1027А

Ballet shoes - a mandatory element of the training wardrobe for girls and boys who play sports or dance. These are classical training shoes for a gym or a dancing class. Usually ballet shoes completely cover the foot, in front of the model there must be a rubber band. Also, parents should make sure that in the wardrobe of young athletes or dancers was not one pair of ballet shoes.

Ballet shoes can be useful to pupils of kindergartens, as well as primary school students - this is an excellent choice for rhythmics, matinees, and other holidays.

Children's ballet (leather) shoes made of leatherette - a great choice for daily workouts. Firstly, the leather substitute became the main material only for the upper part of the model, the sole is made of genuine leather. Secondly, such a model of ballet shoes is more budgetary, but is also resistant to wear, like a model completely made of genuine leather.

Children's ballet shoes made of synthetic leather are presented in two colors - black and white.

You can buy children's shoes made of synthetic leather in the brand stores of TM Jersey (Berdyansk) and in stores of sales representatives of the brand.

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