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Case for hoop CH1716

For young athletes, it is important not only to maintain their appearance during training sessions and performances, but also to keep in perfect condition the items and accessories that they need. Each gymnast needs a hoop cover so that the object does not scratch, bend, or suffer other external damage.

The hoop cover is made of a universal material - bologna. This is a synthetic waterproof material that is used for raincoats, jackets and covers. Thanks to this choice of canvas, the cover for the hoop will reliably protect the object from damage, and will also be quite easy to care for (which the parents of the young athlete will undoubtedly appreciate).

The hoop case is quite roomy, it can stretch to different sizes of hoops. It is also important to note that the color of the hoop cover can be any - you can clarify what colors and shades are available for this model from consultants TM "Jersey" on the brand's website, as well as in retail stores.

You can buy a case for a hoop in the stores of TM Jersey (Berdyansk), as well as in stores of sales representatives of the brand.

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