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Case for rollers

There are videos, ride, or competition, competent transportation of roller skates? Convenient covers for rollers.

In our case the transporter is comfortable with the following:

  • clamping gum;
  • packing in a backpack in a case;
  • or on top of the backpack;
  • durable wear-resistant material (bologna-polyester);

Rabbit skate attachment is provided with a clamping tape. Roller covers required in some cases:

  1. ride around the city;
  2. carriage during the competition;
  3. fun or practice on the ground.

They (the case for rollers) are called bokhil for rollers, there is no mistake in it, they look like it - like bokhil for rollers. This is their (roller covers) main and important property - isolation of the main things of the backpack or the external environment from dirt accumulated on the wheels and drives.

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