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Children's training shoes "Ballet shoes" CH1027

Children's training shoes "Ballet shoes" - a necessity for dancing and gymnastics. Ballet shoes  for classical dance  cover the foot completely. For convenience to put on there is an elastic band. In every sports or dance wardrobe  there should be several pairs  of balllet shoes- for training and for performances.

This model is made of natural leather, so that the feet of young athletes are comfortable. The sole and insole made of  leather too

Ballet shoes  made of natural leather are presented in two colors - black, which is ideal for training and practicing choreography, and white, for festive. Ballet shoes can also come in handy for pupils of a kindergarten, as well as for students of lower grades (for  holidays and rhythmic activities).

Choosing children's ballet shoes of natural leather from TM "Jersey", pay attention to a wide range of sizes and quality of the product. Also, models of ballet shoes without an insole are available for order.

You can buy children's ballet shoes in the branded stores of TM "Jersey" (Berdyansk) and in stores of trade representatives of the brand.

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