Protection for gymnastics wholesale

Injuries, bumps and falls in sports or gymnastics are very frequent, especially in children. Gymnastics protection will help improve the safety of girls and boys who are engaged in active sports. If you want to protect the health of students in your sports center, you can buy wholesale gymnastic protection from the manufacturer «Jersey».

Protection is very different:

  • Knee wraps. Quality products protect the knees, and are mandatory attributes for children of any age, regardless of the saturation of training.
  • Elbow nuzzles . They are designed to protect hands. May be fabric or have plastic inserts, depends on the activity in training
  • Backsplints. The soft gymnastic mattress is put on a back and protects the child from dangerous falling during performance of sports exercises.

Our factory guarantees the quality, strength and reliability of each product. Make a wholesale order from a professional manufacturer and supplier of «Jersey» in the shortest possible time and at an affordable cost.