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Corporate, sportswear with application, embroidery

The notion of "team" necessarily implies unity, and athletes are also people who represent a single club or even a country ready to win the championship and to glorify their skills even outside Ukraine. However, what if not the original corporate clothes can emphasize such unity, further strengthening the desire for victory.

Corporate clothes for the team as evidence of solidarity

Today buy corporate clothes in Ukraine is often quite difficult in view of the fact that during sports competitions the form should not only talk about participation, but about who the team represents. That's why for each team member the form is a certain indicator of belonging to a single whole and even an indicator of the desire to win high results.

For each sports team, it is very important to remember both opponents and fans, so physical training and image remain significant.

The original form of the team is often remembered as part of a vivid performance, which in turn is even a visiting card in the subsequent participation, emphasizing the team's seriousness and excellence in preparation.

If you want to buy corporate clothes from the manufacturer , then at your service TM "Jersey" is ready to provide:

• tailoring of sports uniforms for teams, teams;

• the account of individual features of clients (non-standard sizes);

• assistance in the development of branded clothes;

• development and/or drawing of symbols of collectives, teams;

• the shortest time for the fulfillment of orders.

To fulfill the order for the application of logos and other images by any technology, we need a mock-up in electronic form in vector format. The cost of application is always calculated individually, the price depends on the method of application (silkscreen, silk transfer, embroidery, flock), the number of products (print run), the complexity of the drawing (application area, density and number of colors), its dimensions.

If you choose buy corporate clothes (Ukraine) from TM "Jersey", then you will surely get a decent outfit for your invincible team!

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