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Football uniform К1706, К1707

Order a football team uniform: manufacturing features

On the field, the football team will be recognized by its form, and to match the appearance of the victorious moods, and to bring the children even more pleasure from the game - a custom-made children's football uniform is our work. You can order a sports uniform from us for football and any other purpose, even if it is wholesale children's dance clothing.

What does the standard package of football player clothes consist of

To order a football uniform, you need to know its standard equipment.
The football outfit consists of the following elements:

  • T-shirt;
  • shorts;
  • leggings;
  • you can use shin guards, but this is not necessary;
  • The goalkeeper’s outfit must be different in color from the entire team’s palette;
  • The captain’s captain’s dressing should be different.

TM "Jersey" is a direct clothing supplier and carries out the production of this set to order by samples from a catalog or by personal design customer.

Features of tailoring and ordering a football uniform from a supplier

The standard material is polyester, so the only difference is actually in design. We carry on the ordered form for football application information: coat of arms, name, number, sponsor, etc. at a reasonable cost.

We custom-made sportswear will meet all the requirements and desires of any customer. For our customers for cooperation we provide the following bonuses and guarantees:

  • low cost and wholesale prices for everyone;
  • production with delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • a guarantee of quality, timeliness and accuracy.

To make the football team look presentable, they need to be “decorated” in a special set of clothes. It is profitable to buy costumes in the product catalog of the factory (manufacturer). Before placing the order, you must determine the color and design, know the size. If in doubt, the seller will help you correctly apply for the production of children's clothing.

Description of football kits:

K1706 football kit (orange)
Fabric: capomicrolosta.

K1707 football kit (yellow)
Fabric: capomicrolosta.

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