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Gymnastic half overalls P443

Children's sports half overalls with a long sleeve are ideal as a training form for the winter period. Suitable for both athletes (for example, gymnasts of various types), and dancers (from classical dance to modern styles). Such a jumpsuit is an integral part of the form, it is necessary to supplement it only with special shoes - ballet shoes or ballet half-shoes, as well as clothing for warming up as needed.

The sports half overalls are 95% made of natural material - cotton, but with the addition of a small percentage of elastane - solely so that the overalls stretch better, but at the same time do not lose shape after washing. The model will be easy to care and at the same time pleasant to the body of the child.

The model is presented exclusively in black color, which once again underlines how versatile this jumpsuit is. There are no decorative elements on it - the children's sports half overall with long sleeves is designed exclusively for training, which means that nothing should distract the young dancer or athlete from the class.

It is possible to buy children's sports half overalls with long sleeves in one of the brand stores of TM "Jersey" (Berdyansk), as well as in stores of brand representatives located throughout Ukraine.

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