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Gymnastic leotard Т1054. Skirt for girls YU646А

Gymnastic leotard with a high neck, but without sleeves can become part of the cloth for training. The leotard is made of a material resistant to wear (polyamide with the addition of elastane). Also, this choice of material provides an ideal fit for the shape and easy of care for the leotard.

To complement the gymnastic leotard with a high neck  you can with different elements - for example, leggings (for sports training), skirt-chiton (for classical dance) or a bright two-layered tulle skirt (for performances).

The two-layer skirt made of tulle will make the look for concert,performances or  events more festive and bright, it will create the right mood for both the young dancer and the spectators. The skirt is transparent, therefore it is necessary to wear it in a complete set with it. Also, parents should thiink about shoes for a small dancer - choose ballet shoes or half ballet shoes.

You can buy  gymnastic leotard with a high neck and a double-layer skirt made of tulle  at the branded stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk, as well as at the trade representatives of the brand. You can check the available colors, models  in stores TM "Jersey", as well as on the web page of the brand.

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