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Gymnastic leotard Т1058

Gymnastic leotard is necessary type of cloth in the wardrbe of an athlete or a dancer. This is a thing for training, and for performances, so the choice of a universal model can be quite difficult. But it is possible - for example, it can be a classical leotard made of cotton and elastane with a decorative element (a transparent netting in the upper part of the model).

Gymnastic leotard for girls are better to choose from natural materials, but with the addition of synthetics. So it will stay in shape longer, it will fit well on the figure, and the material will  not be stretching too much. Parents of a young  dancer should notice that leotard made of cotton and elastane does not require special care, therefore, there will be no problems with it.

This model of leotard is presented in two colors - black and white. The decor at the top of the leotard makes the model less casual, but still appropriate for training. The model is presented with a long sleeve.

Gymnastic leotard for the girl are available in the branded stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk. Also, you can purchase brand products all over  Ukraine in sales representatives' shops.

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