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Gymnastic leotard Т1636

Gymnastic leotard with contrasting color sleeve- is good  choice to diversify look on the trening. Leotard is good for performances and for training. The  "boat" typed neck is more closed in the front part of the model, but   from behind it opens the back. Long sleeves are not fixed, but tightly fit the arm.

The supplex (the material from which the leotard is made) is elastic , it stretches well and perfectly fits on the figure. The combination of polyamide and elastane (the components of the supplex in this case) makes gymnastic leotard with a contrasting color sleeve lightweight in care and wear-resistant.

The contrasting sleeve leaves a  stip type continuation  on the front and back of the gymnastic leotard. You can choose variety of colors of leotard. Just ask to managers of TM "Jersey", what colors and shades of supplex is available. To do this simply - you just need to ask a question to an online consultant on the brand's webpage or in the branded stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk. Also gymnastic leotard with a sleeve of contrasting color and other products of TM "Jersey" can be purchased all over Ukraine in the stores of sales representatives.

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