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Gymnastic leotard Т1689

Monochromatic gymnastic leotard with a decor in the upper part will be a favorite costume for performances of a young athlete. Leotard made  with short sleeves, the upper part of the model (sleeves and neck zone) is trimmed with a lace  and  same color ribbone. Of course, a leotard  for a girl can also become a part of a dance suit.

Gymnastic leotard with a decor in the upper part is made of supplex - a material in the complex of which several more synthetic fabrics are included. In this case, it is polyamide and elastane. This choice of material can be called correct for several reasons. This is convenient - the model stretches well and fit perfectly in shape. The material is pleasant to the body, and it also easy in the care.

Gymnastic leotard with a decor in the upper part is presented in different colors, you can get information about colors on the web page  or at the branded brand stores in Berdyansk. Also, gymnastic leotard with a decoration in the upper part and other products of TM "Jersey"  you can purchase in other  in sales representatives  all over Ukraine.

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