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Gymnastic leotard Т56, sleeve 3/4

Classic gymnastic leotard for a girl -  necessary thing for sports or dancing. Leotard with long sleeves and no additional decorative elements,  helps to make  serious attitude of your young athlete or dancer for training. Gymnastic leotard can be an independent element of the form for classes, also cab be  supplemented skirt, chiton or leggings.

Gymnastic leotard for the girl is presented in two colors - black and white.

Pay attention to the fabric of the leotard for the girl - natural material (cotton) is combined with elastane in order for the leotard to retain their shape longer. This choice of material also provides easy care, which is important.

A small athlete or dancer is sure to be pleased with such a universal choice of clothes for training. And a wide dimensional grid will allow you to choose a new leotard in accordance with the growth  of your child.

You can buy gymnastic leotard in classical style for the girl  in stores TM "Jersey" (Berdyansk), and also at trade representatives all over Ukraine.

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