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Gymnastic leotard Т680. Skirt for girls YU557

Black gymnastic leotard  for a girl will be the best solution for doing sports or dancing.  Leotard  will suit both for  young gymnasts and dancers.

Black gymnastic leotard  is made of cotton with the addition of elastane, which makes the model pleasing to the body and at the same time does not allow the material to wear out or excessively stretch. The model is available in black only.

There are many various elements to complement black gymnastic leotard  for a girl - because the model is basic,soyou can use it with additional kinds of cloth for different types of sports. For example, leotard can be an independent cloth element for sports training. But if you add it with a light skirt-сhiton, you will get a good set for dance classes .

The semi-transparent skirt-chiton is made of chiffon.It will be the perfect addition to the training cloth for dancers. Of course, it can not be an independent element of the suit, it needs to be supplemented. And for this purpose a suit of any type will fit. The semi-transparent skirt-chiton is presented in two colors - black and white.

You can buy black gymnastic leotard  for a girl and the semi-transparent skirt-chiton at the branded stores of TM "Jersey" (Berdyansk), as well as the brand's sales representatives.

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