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Gymnastic leotards T1187 (left). Half overall P1276 (right)

Sports leotards and overalls are training clothes not only for girls, but also for boys. Of course, models must be tailored in a special way so that the young athlete will be comfortable in this form for training.

Gymnastics leotard and sports half overalls suitable for gymnastics and other athletic areas.

Gymnastic leotard for a boy made of synthetic material polyamide with the addition of elastane. This choice of material ensures the wear resistance of the leotard, as well as good support for its shape. Also, a boy's gymnastics leotard will be easy to maintain.

Sports boy's half overall made of viscose with the addition of elastane. Without a doubt, such material will be pleasant to the body and easy to care for. The model is presented in black. Also note that the sports bib for a boy can also be made from supplex - cloth, which consists of several synthetic materials (nylon, lycra, microfiber, etc.). Available for model colors specify additionally.

It is possible to buy gymnastics leotard and sports half overalls for the boy in the brand shops of TM “Jersey”, as well as in stores of sales representatives of the brand.

Leotard gymnastic T1187 (left)
Ingredients: polyamide + elastane.

Half overall P1276 (right).
Ingredients: viscose + elastane.

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