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Gymnastic leotards T1405

Gymnastics leotard with a decorative element on the front end will be an excellent choice for performing at competitions. Also, the model can easily become part of a dance costume.

The leotard for the girl is made of supplex. Such material, as a rule, combines several synthetic fibers (in this case, polyamide and elastane).

The model itself is made in a classic style, but thanks to the decorative element on the front, it looks quite festive. The front part of the leotard with a decorative element is completely closed, while on the back there is a small cutout.

You can order a gymnastics leotard for a girl in different colors, you can also change the location of the decorative element.

In order to familiarize yourself with the set of available colors for this model, we recommend contacting the consultants of TM Jersey. This can be done online on the official website, as well as in retail stores in Berdyansk.

It is also possible to buy gymnastics leotard with a decorative element on the front part and other products of TM “Jersey” in the stores of sales representatives of the brand located throughout Ukraine.

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