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Gymnastic leotards T1610 «Patron»

Gymnastic leotard on thin straps is an indispensable model for practicing gymnastics or dancing. Such leotard must be in the wardrobe of a young athlete or dancer, this is due to the versatility of this model. Depending on the type of training, you can add a gymnastic leotard on thin straps, either a short or long skirt, a tunic or leggings. Also tights can act as an independent element in the image for training. Another proof of the universality of the model - with a more detailed decoration, a gymnastic leotard can even become a costume for performances.

The model is made of viscose - a natural material with a slight addition of synthetics (elastane). Tights on thin straps are presented in universal colors - black and white. A wide size range will easily replace the favorite thing of a young athlete or dancer in accordance with the rate of its growth.

You can buy gymnastics leotard on thin straps at the Jersey TM brand stores in Berdyansk. Also, TM “Jersey” models are represented in stores of sales representatives throughout Ukraine.

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