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Gymnastic protection back-mattress М1531

A back-mattress is necessary for gymnastics and acrobatics - in some cases, it is the same element of the sports form as leggings, leotards or half shoes. Gymnastic protection (back-mattress) protects the back from damage, and also contributes to a faster warm-up.

The back-mattress is presented in a small size - 49x20 cm, it is attached to the body with special straps (sewn into the spine). Approximately gymnastic mattress should cover almost the entire back - from the shoulders to the waist.

The gymnastic protection back-mattress consists of biflex (a synthetic material that is formed as a result of combining several other canvases — nylon, lycra, elastane, etc.), and is filled with a layer of foam rubber — just such a choice of filler protects the back from damage.

Gymnastic mattress or backrest may be necessary not only for those who are engaged in gymnastics or acrobatics, but also for young dancers who want to master the trick elements. The model is presented in black.

You can buy a spinnum (gymnastic mattress) in the Jersey TM company stores in Berdyansk, as well as from brand sales representatives all over Ukraine.

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