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Half-overalls sports P1183

Children's half-overalls sports - a necessary thing for gymnasts of any type. Whether it be artistic or artistic gymnastics, such a half-overalls jumpsuit for a girl will be an ideal part of the training uniform. Also, half-overalls overalls suitable for dance classes - from classical to pop. In order for the training kit to be complete, it is also worth purchasing half shoes and clothes for warming up.

The children's half-overalls sports are made of viscose with the addition of elastane, which makes the material undoubtedly pleasant to the body of the child. Thanks to the addition of elastane, the model stretches well and does not lose its shape.

The jumpsuit is presented in black, which once again underlines its versatility and severity - after all, the future champion or master of sports should have a serious attitude towards training. The half-overalls jumpsuit without sleeves, but with an elongated lower part — in this way, it also covers part of the foot, while leaving the heel and the sub-part open.

It is possible to buy children's half-overalls sports in the company's stores of TM “Jersey” in the city of Berdyansk, as well as from sales representatives throughout Ukraine.

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