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Half-overalls sports P1274

Children's sports half-overalls - an obligatory part of a form for playing sports or gymnastics in a warm season. The model is presented without sleeves, as well as with a shortened bottom (leg length - above the knee). Children's sports bib overalls are also suitable for practicing dancing. The model is an independent element of the form, it is necessary to add only Ballet shoes or half-shoes to it.

Children's sports half-overalls are made of polyamide with the addition of elastane - such a choice of material is necessary for the thing to hold its shape longer, but at the same time it stretches well and does not hold back movements. Also, this type of material is quite easy to maintain, which parents of a young athlete will definitely appreciate.

Note that the jumpsuit is presented in one color - black. The model is universal and due to its high-quality performance, it will last more than one year, and a wide size range will allow parents to choose the next sports half-overalls in accordance with the growth rate of the baby.

It is possible to buy a children's sports half-overalls in company stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk. Also, goods of the brand are presented throughout Ukraine (in stores of sales representatives).

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