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Leggings for children L1408, Gymnastic protection back-mattress "Turtle" M988, Knee wraps H989

Safety is one of the main points in training, especially when it comes to rhythmic gymnastics or acrobatics. That is why we recommend parents to pay attention not only to the shape of the young athlete, but also to those elements that will help maintain safety in training.

Knee wraps are incredibly important so as not to injure the gymnast's knees. The knee wraps are made of fabric with a tight protective layer on the front, this model does not have additional fasteners, because the knee pads will sit tight in the right place (on the knees).

Elbow nuzzles are at first glance a less important element, but in reality this is not the case. It is important for athletes to protect both their legs and hands from unwanted damage.

Another element to support safety in training is a spine or gymnastic mattress. It covers a fairly large part of the body - almost the entire back from the shoulder to the waist.

You can buy knee wraps, elbow nuzzles, and a gymnastic protection back-mattress in the company's stores of Jersey TM in Berdyansk, as well as in stores of brand sales representatives all over Ukraine.

Leggings for children L1408.
Ingredients: polyamide + elastane.

Gymnastic protection back-mattress "Turtle" M988
Size: 37x25cm
Ingredients: polyamide + elastane + paralon.

Knee wraps H989.

Elbow nuzzles H1028.

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