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Leotard «Patron», underwear T1610

Children's underwear leotard with detachable straps can be used not only for sports or choreography. Leotard can also easily become a basic part of the costume for the stage, there are more options for this, because removable straps. Leotard with detachable straps can be  combined in training or in a dance class with a skirt or leggings, and on the stage - with a richly decorated coat or cape.

Children's leotard  with detachable straps is made of cotton with the addition of elastane. This choice of material is not accidental - the cloth is made of cotton to be more pleasant to the body of a young athlete or dancer, and adding elastane is makemore practical and easy in caring for it.

At the moment the model is available in two colors - black and beige. The size grid is wide enough, which means that this model  can be chosen for a girl of any age.

You can buy children's underwear leotard with detachable straps  in stores TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk, La-Seinskaya 50-A5 (iron fair)

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