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Order machine embroidery, chevrons, emblems, logos

Jersey company offers embroidery, making chevrons on products of its own production.
Order embroidery logo, logo , other drawings is very simple - our designers will prepare for you the original layout of embroidery, managers will calculate your order given the circulation, the product and the complexity of the embroidery.
The presence of our own embroidery equipment (computer, machine embroidery) and clothing production gives us a competitive advantage, and the customer the shortest possible production time and adequate prices for the finished product, clothes with embroidery .

machine embroidery on jumper machine embroidery on jumper sports uniform with embroidery sports uniform with embroidery machine embroidery on bolero 


  • branded clothes;
  • sports wear;
  • overalls;
  • T-shirts;
  • shirts for tennis;
  • blouses;
  • gymnastic tights;
  • backpacks;
  • aprons;

Kitchen accessories:

  • Towels
  • Tablecloths
  • Wipes

Machine embroidery history machine embroidery on towels, Ukrainian ornament

Machine embroidery is widely used for making products original for more than two hundred years. The first embroidery machine was presented at an exhibition in France in 1821, and after only thirty years the era of embroidery productions began. Modern machines for embroidery are high-tech devices that allow embroidery of any complexity to be made in a short time. The drawing, as a rule, is formed on the computer, and then it is embroidered on the fabric with the help of a special machine connected to it. Patterns can be developed with the help of special editors of machine embroidery and stored in appropriate formats for further use. The manufacturers open up unlimited possibilities for giving originality to clothes and other products.

Order embroidery of emblem, logo and other drawings

Embroidery on the flag TM "Jersey" offers services for machine embroidery based on its own industrial production. Quality full-color embroidery on the machine due to the high quality of work will create a sense of manual work. We are able to fulfill orders of any complexity and volume. Machine embroidery to order can be performed on all kinds of clothes and represent as patterns, various images, and company logos, sports section symbols and much more. These can be models of our production, which can be viewed in the catalog, or material provided by the customer.

We practice a loyal price policy and offer affordable prices for our products and services. By contacting us, you can be sure that machine embroidery on order will be completed in the shortest possible time with the same quality.

Cooperation with TM "Jersey" is a reliable partnership!

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