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Rating dresses P849

Biflex rating dress is the perfect choice for training. Biflex is a material that combines several types of synthetic fiber to improve the fit. In this case, polyamide and elastane are used, thanks to which the model is still easy to maintain.

The dress fits the figure in the upper part of the model, the lower part is more spacious and free - the flared skirt in the lower part is rather short and ends just above the knee. The sleeve of the dress is long with a special eyelet for a finger - this decision was made so that the sleeve did not rise over the arm and remained in its place during the training or performance.

The biflex rating dress is monochromatic and simple, but it can easily be stopped in an elegant dress for contests and performances by adding a decorative patch on the front of the model.

Rating dress made of supplex is available in several colors, because before making your choice, be sure to consult with representatives of TM "Jersey" for the presence of colors and shades. This can be done both in company stores and online on the official website of the brand.

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