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Shorts SH510. Sport t-shirt М447

A set of sports T-shirt and shorts for the boy is multipurpose and suitable for any type of training: with ballet shoes - for dancing, with sneakers or gym shoes - for sports or physical education.

The sports T-shirt for the boy is made of cotton with a  addition of elastane, which makes it soft to the body of the child,  easy to care for and resistant to wear. Sport t-shirt is adjoin to the body, but not too tightly. The model is presented in black.

Sports shorts for the boy are also presented in black. The model is also made of cotton with elastane. The upper part of the shorts  on the elastic band . It should be noted that the model should not fit the figure. The length of the sports shorts for the boy is optimal - just above the knee.

A standard set for a boy - shorts and a T-shirt - can be used not only for sports training or dance classes, but also as a costume for walking, for example, or as  home wear.

You can buy a sports t-shirt and shorts for a boy in the branded stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk, as well as at the shops of the sales representatives.

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