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T-shirt F135А. Shorts SH532

Sports wear of T-shirts and shorts is useful not only for those who do sports or dances, but also for school sport lessons, and also for those who take care of  their health. This suit is suitable for both home and gym.

A standard T-shirt can be used as part of a training uniform (with short shorts or leggins), and as part of the casual style (with jeans or chinos). T-shirt is made of natural material without adding synthetics (100% cotton). Please ask about available colors for his model.

Sports mini-length shorts will become part of the form that you can wear for training, jogging or other sports activities. Shorts are made of synthetic material of supplex (95% polyamide and 5% elastane). This  cloth provides the model resistance to wear, and also keeps the shape well. Sports shorts of the mini length are presented in black.

You can buy a t-shirt and sports shorts of mini length in the stores of TM "Jersey" in Berdyansk, as well as with the trade representatives of the brand in the territory of the whole Ukraine.

T-shirt F135A.
Fabric: 100% cotton.

Shorts SH532.
Fabric: polyamide 95% + elastane 5%.

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