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Warming blouse B225

Blouse for warming up - one of the most necessary things for training in the cold season. This model is cross-stitch, because each dancer or athlete can independently adjust its width. For workouts you can wear it with leotards and leggings, and with a sports set of trousers and a T-shirt. Also, the model will be combined with any form for training, depending on the sport or dance direction.

Blouse warming up is made of cotton with the addition of elastane - so the model will be better stretched, but it does not lose shape and tidy appearance. In order to fulfill its main goal - to warm up muscles for training, there is a small pile on the inner surface of the blouse. Due to the wide size range, the model can be chosen for almost any age.

Blouse for warming up is presented in black. You can specify in which colors and shades a model can be available, you can consult the consultants in the company's stores of the TM Jersey, as well as online on the brand's website.

You can buy a blouse for warming up in the Jersey TM company stores in Berdyansk, as well as throughout Ukraine from the trade representatives of the brand.

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